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About Us

Hi! Welcome to TissueFit Community!

Nick, CEO and Co-Founder of TissueFit:

It all started after I began working as a analyst in the office on a daily basis. My route to the office was a refreshing 4 hour transportation in a public transport with a backpack. Followed by 8 hours behind the desk.

This lifestyle did not exactly affect my joints and muscles in the best way - every day I felt neck stiffness and calf muscles soreness to the point when I couldn’t sleep. I was 22 at that time.

Im not gonna lie - I’ve always been a fan of massage seasions, but it always requires scheduling, which is not exactly the best option for busy person. Instead, I was looking for easy-to use at home solution.

Sometime later I learned about percussion therapy, and in few month came up with the idea and concept of TissueFit. I was obsessed with premium smartphones design at that time, so I wanted my massager to look in the same way. Plus, it should be powerful, “user-friendly”, and created with premium materials.

It took us (TissueFit Team) quite some time to develop and design the first TissueFit model. After we came up with a first prototipe - everyone just loved they way it looks and the effect it provides. To the point when we have to manufacture our first batch just for the friends and family... nowadays I’m using TissueFit every single day. To be honest, It just felt good when you can help someone with problem you struggled not long ago...

To this day, we’re proud to say that our TissueFIt community always come first, and that we are committed to creating a unique experience for each and every individual.

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