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Our Story

It all started...
All this began when I (Nick, CEO and Co-Founder of TissueFit) started working as an analyst at the office on a daily basis.
I had to spend 4 hours in a public transport on my way to the office and then to sit 8 hours at the desk.
This lifestyle affected my joints and muscles not in the best way. Every day I felt neck stiffness and calf muscles soreness to the point when I couldn’t sleep. I was 22 at that time.

I’m not going to lie - I’ve always been a fan of massage sessions, but it always requires scheduling, which is not exactly the best option for a busy person. Instead, I was looking for an easy to use at home solution.
The idea
Later I learned about percussion therapy, and in a few months came up with the idea and concept of TissueFit.
I was obsessed with premium smart phones design at that time, so I wanted my massager to look the same. Besides, I wanted it to be powerful, user-friendly, and made of premium materials.

The process
It took us (TissueFit Team) long time to develop and design the first TissueFit model.
We came up with the first prototype and saw that everyone just loved the way it looked and the effect it provided. That’s why we had to manufacture our first batch just for the friends and family...
Nowadays I use TissueFit every day. To be honest, I just feel good when I can help someone with the problem which I faced not long ago...

The community
We’re proud to say that our TissueFIt community always comes first, and our aim is to create a unique experience for every individual.
Please, leave a message if you have any enquiry. Our support team will happily reply to your request..

Unifit Limited Liability Company (LLC)
8 The Green STE B, Dover,DE, 19901
+ 1 267 800 04 80

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